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Hey You - No Doubt lyrics

Hey you with the wedding dress on
Made of white chiffon blowing in the wind
Hey you with the dreams in your head
You've been so mistead by your heart's pull

I know your waiting for your ship to come in
You anxiously wait for such a long time

You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
You dress up and play the game
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
Your name will never change

Hey you with your eyes full of hope
You think you can rope your desire
Hey you, you naive thing
Your patience in time will tire

I know you're waiting for your ide to roll in
How did you ever get such high hopes?


You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
In a plastic world of make believe
You're just like my Ken and Barbie Doll
You know he's just gonna leave
Tragic Kingdom album
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