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Different People - No Doubt lyrics

Things can be broken down
In this world of ours
You don't have to be a famous person
Just to make your mark
A mother can be an inspiration
To here little son
Change his thoughts, his mind, his life,
Just with her gentle hum

So different, yet so the same
Two sisters only have their parents to blame
It's rare that two can get along
But when they do, they're inseparable
Such a blessing comes to few

The sky is full of clouds and
My world's full of people
All different kinds with different ways
It would take a lifetime to explain
No one's exactly the same

He and she, two different people
With two separate lives
Then you put the two together
And get a spectacular surprise
'Cause one can teach the other one
What she doesn't know
While still the other fills a place inside
He never knew had room to grow


Once in a while I sit back
And think about the planet
Most of the time I trip on it
To kick back and think about
How massive it all is
And how many others are one it

I often think about the world
In which I live today, of animals and plants
And nature's gift set on display
But the most amazing thing
That I've seen in my time
Are all the different people
And all their different minds
And different ways
It would take a lifetime to explain
Not one's exactly the same

So many different people
So many different kinds
So many different people
So many different kinds
Look at me, I'm a person
Look at me, I'm my own person
So many different people
So many different kinds
For better or for worse, different people
Tragic Kingdom album
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