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Don't Let Me Down - No Doubt lyrics

Laughing so hard
I got tears in my eyes
Walk in the park
Under sapphire skies

Oh, I can't believe that you're still around
Almost forgot how you let me down

Crying so deep
That I think I might die
Your mistakes I keep in the back of my mind
So hard to let go but I'm comin' round
The scars are still fragile
Don't let me down

So don't blow it
No not a little bit
Cause now you're all mine
Don't you forget it
Don't blow it
Even a little bit
Cause now you're all mine
Don't you forget it

[Don't let me down X3]

Time after time
It's just too much to take
I've waited so long
Just to get to this place
And finally it feels like
The lost was found
You got me filled up now
Don't let me down

(Don't let me down)


(Don't let me down)


Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't Let Me Down
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