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Alien - Orange 9mm lyrics

I transmit with speed,
I'm an acid caress
Like a viper tightening deaf but quiet
Now there's some of us I'd like to forget
When the rains die down and the world is perfect
If my nerves just freeze in response
I might let my reason drown them back to distress
My relationship with God is a mess
and there's some of us I'd like to forget

Makes Us

One more time we rid ourselves
Keep in mind that anger swells
Watch me crawl out of my skin
Trust myself to stay within
Depreciate by not moving
Stuck inside this casing I just

If I let you breathe can I charge you for breath
and if I succeed will you then seem impressed
Check my life's pulse it's a state of unrest
There's some of us I'd like to forget
and if heavens free do you need a ticket,
will they forget my soul has bathed with the wicked.
In times of want and pain I fair best
there's some of us I'd like to forget
Pretend I'm Human album
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