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Celebrate You - Veruca Salt lyrics

I wear my patent leather shoes,
And my golden fleeces,
A feather in my hair for you,
And then I fall to pieces.

At your celebration (oh-oh, oh-oh)
Celebration (Oh-oh, Oh-oh) (x2)
Celebrate you.

We're quiet as two mannequins
Feasting on silences.
We wait for Christmas to begin
To see the cracking faces.
I tip my glass a toast to you
The blood spills on the carpet.

At your celebration (oh-oh, oh-oh)
Celebration (Oh-oh, Oh-oh) (x2)
Celebrate you.

And in the dream you held a gun,
You killed off all who hurt you,
And left me there the only one
Who would not dare desert you.
I'm safe here growing in the shade
Away from all the brightness.
I lost my innocence today
When I learned how to write this.

Tonight my nightgown is in knots.
I toss and turn in your honor.
I'll never know just what I've got
As long as you're my father.
And I'll keep searching here for you
I'll clean out every corner.

It's not my fault.
It's not my fault. (celebrate you) (x3)
It's not my fault.
American Thighs album
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