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Every Knee Shall Bow - Garnett Silk lyrics

Now blessed is the lord thy God and blessed all thee that do his work.
And he receiveth who have recieveth who have sent we.
And he receiveth who have sent thee and recieveth the Lord thy God
Cocoa Tea, Garnett Silk and Carlie Chaplin, Do it!

(Garnett Silk)
Giving i-ses to Haile Selassie the 1st
Easy Cocoa Tea, Chaplin
Knee Shall bow and every tongue shall tell, Jah he is the highest(2x)

(Garnett Silk)
Father thanks for all that you have done
And for what you're doing now, well
I'm not saying I might not be wrong again
But I promise this time I'll be a better friend

Every knee shall, Every Every Every Every, Every knee shall..

[So weh mi seh!]
Every mawning mi get up mi unda God vibe
Pray fi di wicked man ship fi capsize
Mi wa dem realize only God mi recognize
Seh when it come to God, Charlie don't compromise
Remember di 10 virgin weh chastise
5 did a fool and 5 ah dem wise
Somebody pee inna water bout dem baptize
But come in Cocoa Tea cah we nah compromise

[Cocoa Tea]
Give thanks and praises to Selassie- I the King. (Oh nah yes)
For all the loving and the joy he brings (mmm mm)
He guide and protect us along the way
Making provision for us everyday
So on your knees, every ____ life must pray
You hear what I say

(Garnett Silk)
I can't thank you enough mighty shepherd
Your love can't be measured
There are no words to describe you
But we bless thee for your everlasting shield
Knee shall, every every every every knee shall..
(Principal principal)

Emperor God Selassie the 1st
Jesus Christ in his kingly character
Nuh come as a lamb to be slaughtered
Head cook and bokkle wash and bull buck and duppy conqueror
Alpha and Omega, Acadama iiba, Ashanti I, Jah!
Rastafari liveth in the heart of I and I, (Jah!)
Lightning God(Jah!), Thunda God and Earthquake God(Jah!)
Rasta fari, King Haile, Haile Haile Haile- I
Do it!

(Cocoa Tea)
Jah shall break their band asounder
And cast away all their bad thoughts from us
Thats a must, yes
Cuz he that sitteth in Mt Zion shall laugh
Jah jah have dem in di region
Well if you know seh you ah true rasta man
Help Cocoa and Garnett sing dis ya one!
Jah Man, Charlie Chaplin is a true rasta man

(Garnett Silk)
Knee Shall bow and every tongue shall tell, Jah he is the highest(2x)
Father thank for all that you have done, and for what you are doing now...

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