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Stricken by a Storm - Vince Jones lyrics

I've been slipping out of slot
I'm a man who's had the lot
I ate the sacred apple
And now here come the rot
I thought I was immortal
But my youth is on the run
My repertoire of smiles I've used them all and now there's non

They say you've made it when you're still standing at the end
Let's go, let's go, come on straight life has to end
Play safe says my astrology
Play safe says the economy
I'm a man stricken by a storm

So I found this new religion
And it cleans my dirty soul
I washed away my problem with my money in the bowl
And the priest says he loves you
As the icons laugh away
The saints inside the plaster
I'd love to hear their say

They say you've made it...
Trustworthy Little Sweethearts album
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