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Dear Dead Bride - Venturia lyrics

Night came,sounds became whispers
To my mind their words clang,bitter
My soul turned into their prisoner
Gloom took me away,deeper and deeper

At last my head began to find peace
My whole body dived into bliss
All of a sudden your figure appeared
And slowly came your words to my ears:

“Look at me reach my hand”,you said
Your eyes were so black and your face so pale
But you were too high in the divine skies
I couldn’t touch you,my dear dead bride

Holy voices came through the clouds
Whispers became noise,so loud
“Your dear dead bride lies in the ground
If your scar is still a red wound
Go and find her
Unmask the killer”

With all my strenght and all my rage
I scraped the mud,broke the cage
Got lost in this frightening race
But didn’t find you,even not a trace

Went back to the surface to breathe a new air
Shouted to the sky:”You lied to me,it’s unfair
My dear dead bride isn’t burried in the ground
‘Cause nothing,nothing of her has been found”

The voices talked to me once again
And reassured my poor heart so much in pain
“Dear human,your research was not in vain
The killing dagger is just above,in the rain”

My anger recovered,I fled to the skies
Then caught the clouds and tried and tried
But nothing of you came,no light,no flame
My body bled,I was almost insane

“I’ll kill your dark vampire”said I
“The dagger will be in his hand”,voices replied
Throw his evil soul away,away
‘Cause he’s not worth seeing another single day”...

...I woke up suddenly in the silent bedroom
It could be midnight or it could be noon
“That was a bad dream,a cruel nightmare”
But in my right hand,the dagger was there
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