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College Life - Django Walker lyrics

well my daddy always said
son you'll have fun when your're drinkin' with your friends,
and everyone takes for granted these are the best years of you life
and you know high school sure seemed like a joke
when i got to college i was on my own
tryin to find the best drink specials every night

and after many nights with the san marcus federalies
well i finally figured out that i should probably
keep my mouth shut instead of tellin em what i thought
you know i paid the county for many months
hell i even think i paid the christmas bonuses once
how i learned what student loans are all about

well it's taco bell for breakfast
and for lunch it's keystone light
i'll be out of bed by sun down
make the party just on time
probation's in the mornin
herbal tea will do me right
look what i learned
in my college life

well i decided to major in country music
thats when i found out that i couldn't use
the thirty hours that i managed to log last year
and anthroplogy sure seemed cool to me
but it wasn't included in my degree
and that when i decided to study domestic beer

shinerbach it was good to me
hell it treated me better than history
and that little blonde i met in the science lab
and fraternity life was a change of pace
it taught me how to get shit faced
and break my failing grades to good ol' dad


one of these days will come graduation
i sure hope i won't be mistaken
that everything i've learned won't be in vain
you know sure i've failed a test or three
but that doesn't make a lesser man of me
cause there's more to life than a one point g.p.a

chorus x2
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