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This Time Around - Ian Axel lyrics

She wears her hair over her polka-dot glasses
Low cut jeans just to tease all the masses
Woaoh, this time around.

He drives his car with his radio blastin'
Singin' out loud, doesn't care bout' the laughin'
Woaoh, this time around.

Who's to say that this is all imitation?
Have a little faith in your heart's innovation.
Woaoh, this time around.

Step aside for the new generation
Cheers to the day that we learn to embrace them
Woaoh, this time around.

Call it a social tragedy
That we're standing by our names
It's all been done before
It's all been done before

Love is what this is all about!
Even the weatherman knows that it's pourin' out
Woaoh, this time around.

I'm flyin' high like a satellite
I'm gonna make my way through the stars tonight
Woaoh, this time around.

I don't care what these people think,
Or believe in what they say.
I'm tired of being pulled around
As I try to find my way.
Try and throw me down and knock me out
I'll just smile and walk away.
Cause I've seen it done before
It's all be done before
It's all been done before

I'm sick and tired of these expectations
I'm gonna step on stage
I don't care if I'm naked!
Woaoh, this time around.
Woaoh, this time around.
Im On To You album
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