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Creature Tango - Kam As lyrics

hello, i ll make it short - no least no furthermore
( i can t speak to noother - and i can ease no pain) - a drink is my part of you and me
i ll wait for you at the backdoor. - request what you ve come to get for.
( i m afraid and bother - who wouldn t join another but i do not complain)

i m quite sober-1st i ll go over and have some warmth
it s a prickle in my head but i know me - its that sort that makes it easy indeed.

wash down bric-a-brac a cold nip in the air

my marvelous thirst is snappin upwards - come here, you sweet soaking animal
(in the end i ll keep smiling for the rest of my life)-it tastes quite filthy that loss into
i fold concretly what you need now - a seek sudy sort dip of sauerkraut
(my oblivion s earning what the mind keeps turning what the hell do i deal with)

look that quarters going downstairs in serpentines
it s these prickles in my head but i liked to proceed - we can just ignore the rules concerning me.

the stairs, the bell, the door, the floor, the bar, the - i waste away in the dark an hold you forth in line
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