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West Side Piru - Rep Yo Set lyrics

Verse 1:
Rained out,
on the corner with the thang out,
West Side Piru is what they sang out,
From the 4 to the duece is where we hang out,
Tux flamed out, we are 2 young bloodz.
No guns dawg we knucklin up.
P'z And B'z Blood we tuckin em up,
Rocks cuttin us hundred bucks
whips fixing up in em sluts
Guns keep em ready to bust mo'fucka.
A nigga got a flight to catch
From the East to the Watts West where my soldiers at
The 4 and the Duece is like 4 to the lonesome,
So make one false move and feel the leads when they closer.
I put the block on lock I can
Make the heartbeats stop I can
Im quick to pull this glock out man
Im snortin every chance I can
Hopin life becomes better man


Nigga what it do (What it do)
This Westside Piru
It's either, me or you
you already know what we gon dooo.
Slide on you
Ride on you
Smash on you
Blast at you
Laugh at you
We cold blood, this Westside Piru.

Verse 2:

My money growing from trees,
And what I cook in the pot,
Im not from philly,
But its a freeway on the block,
Westside the reason you got a neighborhood watch,
You dont wan drop wit a broken watch,
My diamonds are grindin so you cant see the time,
Im a young west luuk so we blast the 9
Drinkin blueburry,
Throwin up them flamin signs,
Im addicted to my money, so Im addicted to grind,
Piru undestructable revenge on U and T
All I know is what I breath is FLG,
Im on Fire,
Look at my scub,
Look at my feet,
My nigga laced the hook and than i blessed the beat.
If it times let em go,
We just on fo sho,
No revolvers we come with Ak's and Kalvakos,
White sheets over the bodies to cover the holes,
If you sippin in my hood you better watch your back


Verse 3:

Born and raised in a city called Compton,
But the Pirus like to call the city Bompton,
Claim with the red team,
Shoot with the Red Beam,
Roll up in the red Benz,
Jump out in my red stars,
Yellin out West y'all
Niggaz bet I understand, Who the Fuck I really am,
H-I-Dizzle, Bompton West y'all
Nuthin like Snoop Dogg, I Suwoop y'all,
Certain niggaz flatline,
straight from the waist line,
right by the stop sign,
next to the stop line,
4th to the Duece line,
Thats how we ride, from the day that we go West Side till we die.

Ending Verse:

When we Ride,
You gon die,
So I tried my best,
From the East side to the West side,
I thought I told y'all this Westside Piru.

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