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Your Love Is
like an exotic sunrise
or a whole damn album
if Pac and Big was a lie. ??
Your Love Is
Like Kit and 5 Mikes
Or a lifetime supply of Air Force One Nikes.
Your Love Is
Like a one to your real
And 106 and Park or my own label deal.
Your Love Is
Something im'a hold on to
Thats my word, fuck these birds, im'a keep lovin you.

Im a simple nigga
Throw backs and cris T's
Fresh whites, loose lace, faded jeans.
Use to call women bitches
Til I met your queen
You hold your dude down
Ma, you know what I mean.
We here now, together babe,
Got you in my life, Ill never be the same, cause...
Your ghetto disposition got me in a strange position
Nappy booty and extensions your love is beyond description
Cause Baby...


Im'a squab this
Oooh you just a fly bitch
And you got a fly switch
Proud to say you my chick.
Found someone to ride wit
Someone to step out any night wit
And to keep it live wit.
Cant believe we here now (here now)...
Together babe (together babe)...
Got you in my life...
I'll never be the same, casue...
Your ghetto disposition got me in a strange position
Nappy booty and extensions your love is beyond description


Cause Ive never...
Ive never felt something quite like this
It's ya eyes, ya thighs, ya legs, ya hips, ya lips.
You are...
Your a sophisticated ghetto, educated special, strong yet gentle, like rose petals
Keep the house clean and cooks ??.
Ghetto Angel....God must have sent you...

[(chorus) repeat 3x]

[fading out]
Your love is like 23's on the Range, couple g's in a pocket, small change,
You Love Is a very big thang, Your Love Is...

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