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Yeah, 97 ya'll
It's R.L baby, papichulo
Want you to do this like a fire drill
I want you to Stop, Drop & Roll with me
It's 5 0' Clock, meet me at my house at 6
You know what the deal is
Put it all on the line
Keep it real

1st Verse:
Oh, It's 6 0' Clock in the evening
I, just wanna be on top with every breathin'
Mmm, baby are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin
I, take off your Victoria Secret's, yes
I just want you to undress
Roll on top put your hands on my chest
Baby are you ready for daddy, get blessed
Stop,Drop, & Roll with me oh yes

Stop, Drop & Roll with me
Baby you know you got me in heat
I'm on fire

2nd Verse:
Now I know, excatly what you're thinkin'
No I'm not Dionnee or one of the phsyic friend readers, but
Ooh I can tell by you movin closer
?? ???
Baby please, don't teach yourself to tease me
Daddy can freak it completly like ???
Check me out, tounge in your mouth
How about some in and out, right now


Everytime I think abot your love, I need it
You get me heated, I need some breathin'
You make me shiver in a touch when we rub
I'm heatin up, Hot for you love
What's his name (Say It), Let's get to freakin'
There ain't no speakin', Just heavy breathin'
I can't be waitin', come on let's go
Baby stop and, drop, and roll

Chorus till fade
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