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I still love you Babe
(It aint never gonna change baby)
Im still for you girl
(On the DL baby)
I'll never leave you baby
Cause I realize I need you in my life

Girl, it just aint right,
What we said last night,
Cause I know we didnt mean it,
You feel the love is gone,
Cause we dont get along,
But I can prove you wrong,
Girl I swear

Cause everytime I close my eyes,
I see you,
And I dont wanna live my life,
Without you,
There is no one,
Your all I need,
And all I want,
The only one I'll ever love,
I still love you babe,
Cause without you theres no me,
Im still for you girl,
Even though we disagree,
I'll never leave you baby,
Cause I realize I need you in my life.

In this relatiionship we spend alot of time,
Now it would be wrong if everything was always fine,
Girl I know we've had our shares of ups and downs,
But it doesnt mean that we cant work it out,
Oh baby, girl I care.

Chorus 3x's

And there aint nothing I want do for you,
You can always count on me,
Because I realize, realize, realize,
I need you in my life,
Girl its all,
Girl its all about you,
I'll be right here,
Because I realize
Next "97" yall
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