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Big Brother - Velcra lyrics

Oh yeah my big brother, lets take good care of each other
I know your motivation is working for a good cause
Along the way you're saving us all from a lot of problems

Still your words sound like ethnic cleansing
The crowds shout in ideological frenzy
Experts preaching of a disease they only encountered in their world of theories
So pick out an experimental child and mark him for the rest of his life
What you end up with is creating a misfit
Not saved from the wrong path but turned into an outcast

Oh yeah my big brother, carrying me on your strong shoulders
Protecting me, providing me my private shelter
Preventing crime and keeping the scum away from our streets

So silence that ugly voice of these punks that are outlaws by choice
Creating my own destruction will teach me the consequences of disobedience
Committing a crime never means what you agree is a personal freedom
A modern witch hunt performing another political stunt

My resurrection, the flame is strong inside of me
Spread the infection, my voice is straight and clear
I won't fake just to make you listen to my view on things
I won't make the world your way
I won't bow before your condemning eyes to have you on my side

I won't fake just to make you listen to my view on things
I won't make the world your way
Consequences of Disobedience album
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