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Agent 666 - Vassago lyrics

[Lyrics: Turner]

[Music: Pepa]

In mortal flesh attired, walking on man-made streets

Human tongue and human conduct, human manners and human ways

Yet the warm white breast holds deep in the chest a ravenous heart

A big bad wolf clad in sheepskin, lurking, craving to reap

[Lead; Suckdog]

The wolf clad in sheepskin, lurking

And the hand held out is craving to reap

Harvesting souls, the flea within

Agents of hell, agents of hell

Turning the righteous on

Burning the righteous down

Agent 666

In mortal flesh attired, walking on man-made streets

Human clad in clay has a rockmachine

Agent of hell on infernal mission

He won?t never ever land

[Lead; Suckdog]
Knights from Hell album
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