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Morning in December - Rick Summer Droit lyrics

Well its chilly outside, the last of December
Spring is not near, but I remember you
Dancing in the moonlight
On some chilly morning in December

And now there's mud on my shoes
For the snow hasn't fallen
I'm back on the path that's always been calling me

The Oatwolf and the Firefly
Dancing like the one to set you free

And I've seen the stars all glisten
The fire is burning low
I've heard the forest listen
She brings me to her, like a foal

Well it's raining in your heart
But it's a thousand miles away
A long and dusty road, but one not soon forgotten
and it's shining oh too bright
For your soul to shade me
Basking in the presence of your body, beneath cotton

It's dawning on me now
Close to January
Gnomes and Elves and Faeries
Do they run frantic through your mind?

Oh it's chilly outside, the whisper of December
Spring is not near, but I remember you
Dancing in the summer dew, lasting like fair Autumn hue
Until some chilly morning in December
Gypsy Love album
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