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My Prayer - Rebecca Boux lyrics

Oh oh oh
oh oh oh

When I think of you
Tears threaten to come
But I tell myself that, all is well
With God by your side
There's no way you can't win
For he is the same Lord who died
For our sins

Oh I'll meet you in Heaven
When I follow you home
My love grows stronger every day
That you're gone
I'm glad you're at peace now
God bless your soul
And I'll meet you in Heaven
When I'm called home

Oh Oh oh

I know you're watching over me
I can sense your spirit
Though your body has been laid to rest
I have but one request
Will you love me like you did
When you were full of life?
Just like our Lord did
When he became a sacrifice

[Chorus] x2

oh oh oh
oh oh oh
oh oh oh
(Fades out)
Reflections of Me album
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