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Get Out - Rebecca Boux lyrics

Get out
I wanna get out (Hey)

Lying around in the dark alone with
Nothing to do, and no one to phone
But I don't wanna stay indoors, like you
Looking alive but feeling dead
All the blackness around is getting to my head
Do do do do, hey yeah

I need the sunshine, the light outside
I need the cool breeze, the wind that blows
Through the branches, on the big trees

I wanna get out, wanna break out
Wanna look up at the sky
Til the stars cloud over my eyes
That would be the day
Wanna take a ride, in the sunshine
Dive to the bottom of a deep pool
You know, that would be cool
What's it all about?
I wanna get out

Hey yeah, I wanna get out

Sitting under an old oak tree with
Nothing to do, and no one to see
I feel so relaxed
Praying for this moment to happen again
When the suns' in the sky and
There's grass on the mountains
Do do do do, hey yeah

I need the sound of the ocean
The spray of the waves
I want the sky to be blue, and clear all day
Hey, yeah

Outro -
I wanna I wanna
Get, out, hey yeah
Oh, hey yeah
Reflections of Me album
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