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In This Fantasy - Rebecca Boux lyrics

Everytime I turn around
There's something I must do
Just proves that all my hopes and dreams
Haven't yet come true
And all the things that I ask for
I don't really need
And pretty much, all I want
Is just to be

In this fantasy I'll be
Soaring through the sky
In this fantasy I'll be
Swinging from on high
In this fantasy an
Angel I will be
A fantasy can be anything
As long as you believe

Every morning I wake up
And can't get out of bed
And everyday I'm almost late for
School but in the end
I always get there right before
The bell actually rings
But all I ask is to get my change to


In this fantasy an angel I will be
Soaring through the sky
And swinging from on high
Reflections of Me album
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