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Drive By Monologue - Outsmarting Simon lyrics

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colors blur at sixty miles per hour and I can almost see your smile a rose lies on the snow and i would love for you to be happy just not with him i didn't want you to see me walking on my own {and as he makes you blush the life drains from my face please don't forget my ghost while you smile i didn't want you to see it coming home please think of me when you bite your lip i didn't want you to see all you did to me when i left walking all alone i didn't want you to feel the beating of my heart as you held it wet in front of your eyes the lipstick on your face has turned a shade of gray and i'm liking it and as he makes you blush i hope you realize everything you've thrown away to satisfy desire the life drains from your face to match up all the grays and its scaring me and when you say his name I hope you fight to close your mouth to keep mine from escaping it

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