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Uncle Muncie - Otis Lee Crenshaw lyrics

My mama gave me an action man, in 1963
Well he didn't come with no bayonet, he didn't have no accessories.
Well Mama, sat him down on the table and she gave me some chocolate cake,
and she said "son, sometimes theres a little game that Action Man likes to play"

Won't you show me on the doll where he touched you,
when Uncle Muncie comes to call?
Was it somewhere near the belt, was it weird the way it felt - Uncle Muncie isn't well at all.
See, the cheese kinda slipped off his cracker,
Gonna take away his pipe and Tobacco
Won;t you tell action man, he really needs to understand
it's going to help him...
fight the Vietcong...
some things people do are wrong...
so won't you show me on the doll?
London, Not Tennessee album
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