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Drunk - Otis Lee Crenshaw lyrics

Do you remember nights beneath the Milky Way?
Held you in my arms, darlin' how we'd sway
And lean against that old wood fence
Or a tree trunk

I guess I said I love you 'bout a million times
Felt the earth go spinning when you said that you'd be mine
Do you remember?
Well I don't
'cause I was drunk!

I held on so many nights it seemed just like a fog
Coulda stroked your head and said "Sweet Girl"
'cause I thought you were my dog
A Springer Spaniel
That old Jack Daniels
How far I've sunk

Well I used to write you lovers poems all the time
You said it didn't matter that the rhyming scheme
was awkward
Do you remember?
Well I don't
'cause I was drunk!

Did we have kids? I don't remember
Did we get married last October or September
Ain't it funny how the alcohol just don't affect the heart at all

'cause darlin' in the sober light you're looking just as pretty
And I haven't touched a drink since we got to Salt Lake City
These boring Mormons
They don't have hormones
They just exist

(Cracking fucking good line there people)

Now the mountain trees are rustling and the sun is
sinking orange
And I'd like to make a rhyme right now but I've painted
myself into a corner

Do you remember?
Well I don't
'cause I was drunk!
London, Not Tennessee album
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