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All I Need - Natalise lyrics

You are the air that i breathe
You are the wind beneath my wings
You are a letter that speaks of true love and honesty
It's written on stones so I know
that your love is all I need

You are all(all) that I need (I need)
in my life 'till the end of time
You are all (all) all that i need (I need)
in my life

Once upon a time there was no love in my life
and I had so much pain inside
But now is all good with you
You fill my heart and Im never blueee (ohh)
Angels in perfect harmony
and your love is all I need


Angels in perfect harmony
You are all that I need


All of my life I dreamed of you and me
Need no one else 'cause you are all that I need
Everyday you were so good to me
Never go away 'cause you are all that I need
You are all that I
Forever Now album
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