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Dance All Night - Natalise lyrics

Don稚 care
About anything
Just want (I just wanna dance with you)
To dance with you
So come
Here next to me
Where you ought to be
Take my hand
I値l show you
Just how to set your mind at ease
So trust me
I値l show you how to be free (I値l show you how to be free)

I wanna dance (8x)


Dance all night, all night
Til the sun comes up
Dance all night
All night, ooh yeah
Dance all night
All night
Til the morning comes

Who cares
What people say
They池e just jealous of me and you
I wish (I wish)
They could feel as we do
Take my hand
I値l show you
The world and how it could be
So trust me
I値l give you all that you need (I値l give you all that you need)

All night till the sun comes up
All night, ooh yeah

We値l dance until the dawn
Oh DJ won稚 you play my song
All night, rock with me
We値l have some fun just you and me

Till the sun comes up
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (2x)

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