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Be Right There - Natalise lyrics

All day and through the night
You place a wall between us
Something is on your mind
While Iím missing your touch
It hurts to see your face
Expressions all have gone
Canít help but think that I
Have done something wrong


When you lay your head down to sleep
When you feel youíre not close to me
When it seems life isnít going your way
Just know that Iíll be right there

When you need that little extra step
Iíll be with you so donít forget
To turn to me, Iíll give you all my love
Just know that Iíll be right there

You stay up half the night
And force yourself to sleep
I know you want to tell me
But youíre scared to feel too weak
I promised Iíll be with you in times good and bad
I wanna show you Iím the best youíve ever had
So when youíre ready please come take my helping hand
Just know Iíll understand



Donít worry things will be okay
Weíve made it last this far
I know weíll always be together
This I know for sure

I know you have your doubts
Some days I have mine too
But we can make it through
Call on me, Iím there for you

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