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What About His Grace - The Hoskins Family lyrics

When I think of where i've been
And where he brought me from
And how I found in giving
The strength to overcome
I wouldn't want to live a single minute,
Without Jesus in it
But when I look around, I have no place to run

What about his grace
What about how he came
What about the blood he shed on Calvary that washes sin away
Think of all his done
And how he helps us overcome, how could we ever run away
What about his grace

If you’ve been in his presence
And you found his mercy flow
Strength from his throne and glory
To your wounded soul
How could you ever turn your back on Jesus?
When he died to free us
Ask yourself a simple thing before you go
(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat higher chorus)
his grace…
Safe Thus Far album
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