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Put on Your Dancing Shoes - Knives Exchanging Hands lyrics

Lately Iíve been reading the past life of a dead man.
Differs ever slightly than what Iím used to.
Everything was taken.
Still I will not break in two.
Without friends, without love, Iíve suffered all in all.
Now is the time to discover something more.
I will stand strong reborn in the flames.
Lying in bed shivering from the withdrawal of your kiss.
Your faded memories. Imprints on my psyche.
The me I used to be.
I will not revert my will.
I will not be challenged.
This is not time.
Youíve tried your best.
I stand unaffected.
Though you bleed me, I will not cry.
My life.
My death.
My blood.
My victory.
Hiatus album
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