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Brightest Day - Karin Park lyrics

Come out of your house
Ive been standing here for days
Come and wipe the rain out of my face
Ive been out here for days
with my transisted radio high above my head
And I have music for your ears
Im gonna wait here

Its raining down, but Im shure it you come out
this will be the brightest day
The walk is too long, your mother needs you at home
but I say lets go anyway

I can take of my clothes
Run around here like a clown
Just to make shure you are having fun
Im at your door again
And if you dont open up Ill be here till the bitter end
I have music for your ears
Im gonna wait here


I say lets go, its not too late
To see the fireworks in the rain
This would be the brightest day

Dont take it away from me
Im here, Im all for youHow can you resist me?


I know its still raining
But what are you saying?
How long must I wait?
Ill never stop trying
Come out of your house, to see the parade
How long must I wait?
How long will it take?
The walk is too long and your mother needs you at home
Let`s go anyway
Superworldunknown album
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