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I Won't Bite My Tongue - Kandi lyrics

verse 1]
You stood there thinkin' you were all that
And I did too
You took too long to step to me
So I just step to you
We talked all night about all
That you could do
If I could've foreseen what's
Behind those jeans
Oh I'd a' never talked to you

Cause damn, I thought you'd be packin' and
Damn I thought you'd put your back in it
Damn no you didn't, so you're finished
And I gotta let you know cause you gotta
Loose my number
Damn you had the worst sex and
Damn you didn't last a second
Damn no you didn't so you're finished
And I gotta let you go

I won't bite my tongue
The "D" wasn't good so you can't get none
Our first will be our last
The "D" was trash sorry ass and ya need to know

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
Don't kid yourself baby
I'm not impressed
You talk too much, couldn't back it up
And your stroke was just a mess
I won't bite my tongue
Cause you said that I would be sprung
I can't tell what'cha did to me
Cause before I got mine you were done

[repeat b-section]

[repeat chorus]

Before you take me oh baby
Make sure that you know
How to make me
Fulfill me
If not, don't you come my way
Oh no, oh no

[repeat chorus
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