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Monkey Drive - Kandy Whales lyrics

I am, I am, I am
I am a mammal-la-la
I am, I am, I am
A man of the people-la-la
I la-la-love the people feeling a-la-la-la-live
Monkey drive, mugga-mugga monkey drive.

I am, I am, I am
A monkey in a cadillac
You put the fire to the,
C-c-c-cracker jack and let the fire go
You're never gonna get the cracker back
No matter how the drivers cry,
Mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-monkey drive.

I am, I am
A c-canary in a coal mine
Sitting, singing, swinging pretty up the deadline
No prom queenie come and free me in the nick of time
Matter how the miners cry
Mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-monkey drive.


Monkey drive wide on a blue day
Monkey running, never seen his time coming anyway
Monkey got a honey in the back seat, hideaway
Monkey turn the radio on and hear a voice say;
Monkey panic in his pants like a pussy dream,
Monkey grab the hand of his honey,
She jerk up and scream,
"Hey c'mon," monkey drive, defensively.
Monkey turn the radio up and hear me sing:

[Chorus x3]

I am, I am
A la-la-lizard on a land mine
I shuffle and I shimmy jimmy and I feel fine
If she gonna blow we gonna go up on a good time
Matter how the soldiers cry:

Mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-mugga-monkey drive.
Blow Up! album
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