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The Snake Song - Harley String Band lyrics


Heaven sakes
We’re having snakes
Snakes for breakfast
Snakes for lunch
Snakes for even Sunday brunch
Tastes like chicken
With a crunch

Verses 1

When you dine on boa constrictor
Will you find that you’re the victor
For there’s not a sure predictor
Of your fate

Beware that snake’s a trickster
You may find you’re in a fix, sir
As a culinary mixture
On his plate


Verse 2
So you see a simple garter
Gets my gustatory ardor
And you know it fills my larder
With such ease

Some say that I’m a martyr
I should be a little smarter
Just pass the cream of tartar
If you please


Verse 3

When you cook an anaconda
Bigger than a Honda
You may find you’re kinda fonda
Of the taste

When cooking anaconda
Don’t ever let him wanda
He’ll squeeze and finely grind’ya
Into paste


Verse 4
If you choose to eat a python
Not that I’m imply’n
It’s a dish that I’m supply’n
Whole or ground

But if you eat a python
You’re bound to leave me cry’n
For there’s not a rhyme for python
To be found

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