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If We Could Love - Inhabited lyrics

You hold up a sign
You shout out some lines
As she hangs her head down
You talk about love
You sing about grace
But would you take her in
If she cose not to stay
Yeah we've got to save ourselves
Before we can save somebody else

If we could love
We could change the world
Yeah we'd show them what we're talkin' about
If we could lvoe we change the world
Yeah we'd show them, show them
What we're all about

You cover your guilt
Religion suits you well
But you've got secrets you'll never tell
Where's the forgiveness
That we've all known
You point your finger
And throw your stones
Have youforgotten where
We've come from
And no man is better than the next one


Oh God, would You move us now
Take away our foolish pride
Would You heal our land
Give us your heart
Oh, please don't pass us by


All about love, all about love
Yeah, yeah
We could change
Show them
The Revolution album
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