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Afrikan Buzz - Ice Mc lyrics

Seh me love seh me love seh me love Afrika
Adda man adda man ashed blood and fire
Me ago show you weh mi a deal with the mike in my hand
Yafi stop all the violence and the badaration
In South Afrika all you hear a pam pam
Dem a teef all de goal and dem a look for diman
And the roots of the life that you must understand
Anna deso me come from misa champion mi seh
Afrikan Afrikan Afrikan
Everybody use the name fi have some carn in dem hand
Me no deal with that cause misa righteous man
And me se that a so'um weh the people must understand
Seh the land is so green jah man so green is the land
Me no check fi weh dem show you on the televsion
And me seh ba ba ba bam pa pa pam pam
Bo se we afi stop all the starvation
Ice 'n' Green album
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