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Solstice - Killers by Trade lyrics

As the night grew long and cold
A dying god in a womb of old
Longest night and shortest day, yeah
Winter blows through barren trees
Across the frozen hills of stone
Be reborn in the coming day

Let the bonfires burn
Let the leaves turn
Lets fuck and wake up the sun
Let the bonfires burn
Let the winter turn
Come here and wake the day with me!

Iím ashen, wrapped in skins
A horn of mead my only friend
It gives me warmth to break the freeze
Iím leaning on my sword
Iím just too drunk to stand
Drunk on the forest and her trees

Rpt Chorus: Solo, Rpt Chorus again

In a crowd but weíre all alone
Nemeton, the horned godís home
Iíll take you here in the sacred place
Cold earth on my pale white skin
Raging to a drummerís din
Drunk on the goddess and your face

Rpt Chorus to end
Ancient Rider album
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