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Loup Garou - Killers by Trade lyrics

In those that are possess'd with't there oreflowes
such mellencholly humour, they imagine
themselves to be transformed into woolves,
Steale forth to church-yards in the dead of night,
-John Webster, in The Duchess of Malfy

In the night woods, bereft of lighted day
Wrapped in the skin of fell beast
And covered in oil of Lupine lore
I await the blood red feast
For I have drunk from a wolfís print
Infernal pact and seeping tonic
I arise and destroy, evil to the core
Donít be caught on the moor tonight
Donít tread on unhallowed ground
For the moon rules my soul like the tides
And Iíll strike with neigh but a sound
Bristles and fangs slaver and claws
My bones bend to demonic will
Pentangle carved deep in red in my paws
I am Wolfen, man I shall kill

Outside the tavern a scratching sound is heard
The folk drop their glasses in fear
And cross their hearts once and once again
They feel the Wolf is near
For I have taken their daughters away
And torn small bodies into quarters
I arise and destroy, speaking nevermore

Red eyes in the churchyard, red fangs in your children
The fear of my breath on their necks as I kill them
Black soul from the valley, Black heart from the moon
A howl in the night means I come for them soon
To die brings you pain, to live, worsen still
For the coldness of mine, your warm heart will soon fill...
Ancient Rider album
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