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Never That - Goldy lyrics

f/ Bad-N-Fluenz, Pee Wee

[ VERSE 1: Ant Diddley Dog ]

It's money to make and pussy to get, so I'ma make it quick

I might offend, but it depends on how you take this shit

Real niggas know, bitch, you be schemin for your last bone

You pick em up, and they be stuck, you got your cash on

Then they talk shit, ain't that a bitch, you think your ass grown?

You ain't got no cash? I'm out of gas, walk your ass home

Goldy, you feel me when I dog hoes in Oakland city

Should I feel sympathy? (Never that) I shows not pity

To a bitch or a goddamn dopefiend

If you smoke cream, muthafucka, then you want green

So don't be smilin in my face lookin cheesy

You need me, and ain't no bargains or no freebees

I never have niggas who think they bigger disrespectin me

You try that, and I'm cuttin short your life expectency

A cold gangster, never wastin no time

You know you got to have nine triggers right in your spine, nigga

So watch your back if you don't think that you can fall, man

Fuck the laws, niggas get downed like tall cans

Ant Diddley Dog on the loose, I ain't a trick snitch

I ain't never gettin broke by a trick bitch

So if you funny style, come with a better act

Me slippin? I'm a Oakland gangster, never that

[ Ant Banks ]

I be that bad-ass nigga in your shit tonight hoe

With Goldy in the land of funk, just for ninety-fo'

So here we go, really doe, shit, I gotta burp

Rappin Ron, won't you take it, shit, my throat hurt

[ VERSE 2: Rappin' Ron ]

I flow tight on the tracks that y'all lack on

Cause I got the lyrics and the style to fall back on

So put the smart mack on, breakin your backbone

I leave your ass dead in a casket with all black on

That's what Ron'll do off the bomb and brew

Fuck up you, and your crew, and your mama too

Peace be out to you, asalaam alaikum

But if a nigga talk that shit, watch how I'ma break him

Cause I'm a vet quick to set muthafuckas straight

My rhymes are airtight, makin brothers suffocate

So brothers wait, and puff and take a deep breath

Cause with the strong jab you ain't gon' have teeth left

So run yo mouth, and you can get your chin broke

Call your mama and your daddy, go get your kinfolk

Cause I'm quick to go into throwin you into a ditch

See I'm doin this showin you that you a bitch

And I take ya like a cup of coffee, you're just a softie

You better back the fuck up off me

Tellin niggas you could beat me, of course you can lie

But if you get up, you get lit up like the 4th of July

Cause you'se a weak-ass nigga, and you've done never practiced

And me fall off on the mic, never that, bitch

[ VERSE 3: Pee Wee ]

She's a seditty hoe, but she dropped the panty hose

She seeen me in videos and she jocked me for cameos

All the time I'm in the Oak, pal, horny as totem smile

And bitches let me dick em, cause I'm kickin it with pearls now

Ain't got no zinas and vogues, I just got penis for hoes

Ain't got no dough, but she owe me, the bitch is cleanin my clothes

Cocaine to powder her nose, she rode around in a rolls

With some muthafucka I don't really know

Goddamn, gettin high and gettin drunk

Nigga, I ain't a chump, but I come with some funk

Back on the track, muthafucka stayin black

Dick grows long like a fuckin Cadillac

Bitch, get with this or bitch, get with that

A stack for the cat? Bitch, never that

When a nigga's gettin laid

Cause your ass'll get played

On the next fuckin record

Now bitch get naked

[ VERSE 4: Goldy ]

It's that yellow-ass nigga with the shadow side burns

Sittin low to the right makin wild turns

I make my rounds down the track in my drop Rome

Droppin the hoes off, pickin the cash up, floatin on gold, not chrome

Diamonds on my fingers big as do' knobs

My hoes ride the back, my main bitches give me blow jobs

Rolex link, dressed in Cartier, carat diamonds

I watch em jock and give me props, cause the girl's blinded

Presidential 'Lex on the stearin wrist

Parlay links are made of diamonds sittin clear and crisp

Take it from a mack, no bitch is too hard to knock

Too good to hoe, or too fine to jock

Hey you, can I do you a favor?

Give you the better things in life, cause you'se my flavor

If you're with it, drop your panties and tap your heels twice

Repeat after me and wake up to somethin all nice

(There's no place like the land of funk

There's no place like the land of funk)

Then you fall into a magical sleep and awake

Standin on a hoe stroll flirtin with Tonto

Welcome to the land of funk where everything is gold

In the plants in the trees all the tricks know the breeze be at ease

I'm the wizard of the land, follow the golden bricks

Cause you be fuckin em, makin em men, suckin and holdin dicks

And once you kick me down, I'm breakin you off and givin you some

I'm keepin you dressed, I'm payin yo hit, and let you drive for fun

So hoe or die, bitch, make your mind up

You're lined up and signed up, but your girlfriends wind up

Collar-poppin-broke-fake-Louis-purse-wearin tramps

Tryin to join the next nigga camp

Suck my dick like a lollypop

Cause you can't make no money with that sloppy cock

You shouldn'ta never tried to play me, I'm a clever cat

I pay you when you work, give you money, bitch, never that

Now all you square-ass busta hoes know what time it is

With these Richmond and Oakland players, huh?

We got some real true players in the house

Let me yell em out while they in front of my muthafuckin face

We got the muthafuckin funkmaster P Double Double E

Pee Wee in the muthafuckin house

Ant Biggedy muthafuckin Bankster

What's up Big Banks, you fartin, burpin muthafucka

We got fat ass Kris

Black CD, my boy came home to his partner

Lil' Shawn just hooked up with the crew

Asey muthafuckin pimp-as player from the Richtown

These just niggas in the house I'm just yellin out

We got big-ass ballin-ass Funktown Dave in here

Is it all good, Dave? What's up, mayn, what's goin on?

It's all good

I'ma wind it up, take it on home right now

We got muthafuckin Rappin Ron from 890

We got Ant Diddley muthafuckin Dog comin 9000 strong

And I'm out to be out this muthafucka

Out the pussy

With no rubber
In the Land of Funk album
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