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Lord Fatbottom Introduces... - Gonna Get Got lyrics

They call me Lord Fatbottom
Young punks, Im crappin' on 'em
If your drunken jaw a-gets to slappin'
Then my Glock a-gets to clappin'
Young man,
You best to recognize that Im the mack ,son
Still get more young ass than Michael Jackson

But never buy a bitch champagne, flowers, or Godiva
Im more likely to hire Kanye West to be my driver
Saliva, fresh upon my cock
Bitches on my jock 'cause I know how to rock.

My feces is much iller than your lame song
My shit is meant to kill
Im a lyrical James Bond

Lady Victoria
I tore her labia
Made her scream "baby,
Oh, you drive me crazy, ah!"

My goo will flow
To and fro
Into the gobs of
Any kind of bitch or ho
And so,
If you cant admit to the mother fucking fact,
That I am in fact the mother fucking mack,
Youre liable to get a mother fucking slap,
Mother fuckers, Im back!
Bills4SKillz, Vol. 1 album
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