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Reckless Tex - Hot Buttered Rum String Band lyrics

Out on the plains of Texas
Where the cactus grows and the oil flows
A village has lost its idiot
He fancies himself a cowboy

So this cowboy sits at the saddle
His trigger finger's quick but his eyesight's bad
How he got his hands on the reigns, I don't know
But it's something to do with his dad

So this cowboy wants to drive the herd
Down a washed out canyon he does not know
His neighbor said “Ke-mo Sah-bee kiss my ass”
So this ranger must roam alone

It takes a bigger man
To really understand
This reckless cowboy swaggers
Of becoming of a man

So it's time to holster up your shotgun
it's time to tear the barbed wire down
It's time to know your sister and brother
and drive this cowboy out of town

Out on the range it gets so lonesome
And a fella's got things on his mind
Last winter his daddy was shot in the foot
There's an outlaw he must find

And the cows, the cows, they get so restless
Why can't they just move along?
Their dust is enough to make you sing
A lonesome, reckless cowboy swagger song

Well some cows are content to chew their cud
The pasture they're grazing is rich and green
But the pasture's watered with the blood and the sweat
Of people who they have never seen.
In These Parts album
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