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When Another Midnight - Sarah Slean lyrics

When another midnight come to rest
On the cheek of our sleeplessness
All crusaders will wake and dress
Pull their flags from their pillowcases

You could hear all of Eden hold its breath
On this the anniversary of Wonder's death
On this unholy occasion what a terrible mess
O it's time for a new dress

How to live a noble life
In this: the age of insanity
Where every prophet's faces is turnin' white
It's the look the look of "can it be?"

It's shock it's horror it's despair
It's Socrates weeping in a wheelchair
Teacher drooling unaware
Where are my students?
Where o where?!

Poet to poet nun to nun
I've met a distance that I have to run
No matter what madness must come undone
I'm throwing down a smoking gun!

All the communters will hear our words
And hide in garages like frightened birds
But you can't stop the moaning of the Earth
And the Midnight crackling of my nerves!

Just another Midnight falling
Come out come out!
Angels come out!
It's just the sound of another Midnight falling
Come ou comeout at the end of the world!

It's just the sound of another Midnight falling
Come out come out the time is now!
It's just the sound of another Midnight falling
O another Midnight!

Sarah Slean
Day One album
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