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Halley's Comet - Chas 'n' Dave lyrics

Now January brings the sales
The women all spend ur money,
St Valentine in February
Makes them 'arts go funny,
Then March comes marchin' in wiv spring,
In April ur a fool,
Then May comes up wiv the FA cup
And we all like football, but.........

'Alley's comet don't come round ev'ry year,
The next time 'e comes into view
Is the year two fousand and sixty two,
So all enjoy yourself, 'alley's comet's 'ere
You'll be a bit stiff when 'e next comes round
Pushin' up daisy's 'alf feet down
So all 'ave a knee's up mother brown
'alley's comet's 'ere.

June 'n' soon it's Derby day
And then July the forf
They like to wave their flags about
And let their fireworks orf
And then in August there's a birfday
And she'll go up the wall if I forget,
And in September it's my wife's birfday 'n' all, but....


October 1, the rabbit's run
'Cos that's the shootin' season,
Then in November, bonfire night
Old Guy gets done for treason
Then in December christmas comes around
And fills us all wiv cheer
Then round we go again
And celebrate anuvver year, but.............

(chorus x2)

you'll be a bit stiff when 'e next comes round
Pushin' up daisy's half feet down
All 'ave a knee's up muvver brown
Upside up or upside down

AAAAAAAAAAAlley's comet, 'alley's comet's 'ere!
From Tottenham to Tennessee album
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