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Things Going on in My Life - Old Boy Network lyrics

There are things going on in my life
That I think you should know
if youíre gonna be my wife
Yes you need to be aware
If our lives weíre going to share
There are things going on in my life

Things ainít so good down on the farm
I donít think youíll come to any harm
The cows are doing bad with BSE
But it ain;t catching, they keep telling me

Thereís a thing or two wrong on the House
What you saw last night was just a mouse
Those Ratsíll will scurry away
With the first light of day
The old Cat heís got the fleas
But he still tries to please
Thereís a thing or two not right with the house

Gutar Solo/Chorus
My health ainít so good all year through
Wet weather makes me cough and splutter too
My back is wracked with pain
So youíll have to take the strain
My health aint so good the whole year through

I think you oughtta know Iíve got no money
Being broke aint never very funny
Thereís nothing I can say
Less youíve got some stashed away
Weíll be working night and day
Until we pass away
I think you oughtta know I aint got no money
Gutar Solo/Chorus

Spoken (16 beats)
Guess by the way that door slammed shut, she aint too attracted by the offer I bin making
Canít see the advantages.Canít see the positive side
Canít see the opportunity. Canít see the good side of me
Maybe I gotta make me some changes around here

Closing Chorus
There are things goin on in my life
I shouldíve kept real quiet if Iím gonna get a wife
Sheíd best be unaware
Of the life weíre gonna share
There are things best unsaid Ďbout my life
Maybe if I go to a bar, and find a woman whoís a little bit drunk
And when I get here home maybe I can keep here that way
So she wont see whats around her
I donít know, I gotta find a solution to this problem.
Country Rock of Ages album
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