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The Rotten Hand - Flatfoot 56 lyrics

Build your brother up, tear your anger down
throw your fist into the air, tell all your friends
that you'll stand strong until the end
let them all know their Father cares

I've been alone since the day I was born
living my life just for myself
just drinking and eating, but never believing
going to church just for my health

One day the man of God stood and he told me
the Father's got a plan for my life
well this news hit my head, like a punch from uncle Ned

so I went and found me self a wife
well I found me self a girl, who was lovely as a pearl
until she turned out to be a man
well I puked and I screamed, cause she wasn't as she seemed
man, I got dealt a rotten hand

Well the moral of my story was the tale of my pride
it's my own selfishness that lied
for if I follow my own plan, I will falter at the end
my Father's got a plan for my life
So now I follow Him with my back turned from sin
lead me on my Father Adonai I will be your man
Knuckles Up album
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