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Name of the Game - Ural 13 Diktators lyrics

We used to be together
but now things have changed
i no longer hold your hand
and life don't work the same
you have your people
and i got my fame
still i don't understand
what's the name of the game?

how this all happened
i wish someone could explain
all these years together
are ending in one single day
i still want to believe
that all this wasn't vain
please come back to me
before i go insane

there is no words to describe
all the anger and the pain
the frustration inside me
just won't fade away
after these thirteen years
do you remember our first date?
we were standing just two of us
in a cold siberian rain

i used to take you to the nightclub
red star was its name
all the comrades were there
now there isn't a place to stay
all this will come back
i have planned it in my brain
when we all will understand
what's the name of the game
name of the game
Total Destruction album
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