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Shaman Drum - Korpiklaani lyrics

I've wandered with the folk of the woods
Wisdom I've learned from the oldest one
He said: "do not fear me"
And led me to downwards
I saw big aperture in the ground
When he asked me a question
"Do you know what is this hole in the ground,
Do you know the meaning of this?

I wondered and wondered
'Cause I knew
If I won't know the answer
I'd never get a shaman drum
And personal ability
I wondered and wondered
'Cause I knew
If I won't know the answer
I'd never get a magic drum and personal ability

Oh yes, this is the place, where you've get
Your spirit to your voice
We stepped through into the earth
And we walked to the river of witches
The river flows two ways I saw
And the old man had a uestion
"You see the water flowing both ways
To the south and north
Do you know why, do you know why?"


Then I saw old grey wolf, it came to me
And whispered to my ear:
"The northern flow born from the water which dead has been bathed and the southeren flow born from the water which washed a new-born child"

Old man looked at me and the wolf he said:
"Now you have a leader and the truth.
When we go back home, you'll have your drum of your own
And you'll know how to use it:"
Spirit of the Forest album
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