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And Then Some - Ozzie Nelson lyrics

I think you're gorgeous, you're charming,
You're handsome, you're perfect and then some
You've got me dazzled and Frantic,
Excited, romantic and then some

I used to think I was cold as could be
But I'll agree the joke is on me
Quick as a wink I knew I had it bad
If love can drive you crazy
Then I wanna go mad, I wanna go mad
I'll kiss you, caress you
I'll spoil you and "yes" you, and then some

I'll be your shadow, your slave
Your army and navy and then some
I cross my heart I'll be yours from tonight
You've got me right under your thumb
'Cause you're gorgeous, you're charming
You're handsome, you're perfect and then some
The Very Best of Ozzie Nelson, Vol. 2: 1934-1936 album
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