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What - Magic lyrics

(Shaggy) yo, uh-huh
(what's happening baby), where you at Beat Boyz
(right here) they ain't ready for this here
Yo, yo, yo, yo,yo, yo

You love a nigga, that's balling right (riight)
Thinking cutting, thugging right (riight)
To pick you up, and thug you right (riight)
I can hear you (uh-huh), I can hear you (uh-huh)
We like women that's classy, jazzy but nasty
With a ass, I can't let pass me (uh-huh)
I can hear you (uh-huh), I can hear you (uh-huh)

I'm the nigga, that you feeling befo'
Knock on the do', with a whole bottle of Mo
Smoking some dope, got a whole pocket of do'
If you ain't buzzed enough, we can get us some mo'
Bottle for you, plus I got a bottle for me
Chocolate filly's, so we can roll up the weed
Shhhh, you know what I came here fo'
We can do what we do, right here on the floor (uh-uh)
Cause the bed, might start squeaking
Plus you might start screaming, when your body start leaking (oooh)
And your kids, might start peeking
And I ain't plan on leaving, till later on this evening
Baby, we can make a movie
It'd be so groovy, baby if you do me
Do me babaaaaay
Like I've never been done befo', you know
Like I never had fun befo', you know
And I just might do you back, (fa real)
I don't think you're really ready, for that (yes I is)
Well come on baby, handle your biz


I like em smelling good, fruity and shit
Big cootie and shit, long as she can handle the dick (shut up)
I like to treat em good, feed em and shit
Treat em to shit, long as she can handle the dick (shut up)
I like to drive em, in the passenger seat
Close to me, long as she can handle me (sh
White Eyes album
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