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New Star Shining - Gaither Vocal Band lyrics

They didn't own a house,
No crib, no toys wer waiting.
Still they had their love
For the child they were anticipating.
He was born one winter night
On a road between two towns.
They wrapped Him up so warm and tight,
And said, 'It looks like heaven's come down.'


There was a new star shining in the sky up above,
By His light that winter night
They found peace and perfect love.
If we want to find it, I know we always will,
'Cause that new star is shining for us still.

They worried how to feed Him,
Simple trade was all they knew.
It was hard enough to make ends meet
When there were only two.
But the cold, the dark and the hunger
Couldn't take away their joy.
And she knew that they would find a way
For that preciouse baby boy.

(Repeat chorus.)
Still the Greatest Story Ever Told album
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