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New Wine - Gaither Vocal Band lyrics

New, new wine
The kind that makes you smile all the time
I heard about it just a little while ago
And ever since I did I just can't let this happy feelin' go

New, new wine
The kind that makes you smile all the time
Pardon my funny grin I'm just a new wineskin
Holding new, new wine

Now it's not from moonshine,
but it comes from Sonshine
Straight from Heaven above
It won't make you lazy or make your mind crazy
Or make you cry over some long gone lost love

Repeat Chorus

Now money can't buy it but once you try it
You'll have a lifetime supply
The Savior will give it through His Holy Spirit
Joy like a river makes you feel so fine

Repeat Chorus

Pardon if I have to laugh
I've traded them old grapes o' wrath
For new, new wine
A Few Good Men album
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